Players Forum 15th Nov 7pm

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Dear Members of the DCCL

I am writing to you on behalf of the Management Committee of the DCCL with the 2016 season having just been completed. I would personally just like to congratulate those sides who have won trophies or gained promotion and commiserate with the clubs who were relegated or fell agonisingly short of a trophy.

What was clear to Management during the season was that some clubs were struggling to retain players, (particularly in the 18-25 age group), and that players appear to be also drifting from the game. The problems encountered by clubs was not helped by the wet season we have just had but there is clearly an increasing trend of players moving away from the game or showing less commitment to playing regularly. The result of the above issues was that a number of clubs forfeited second eleven league and cup fixtures during the season which is obviously a worrying trend that the Management Committee has discussed at some length in the latter stages of the season.

The ECB accepts that clubs throughout the country are struggling to retain older teenagers as well as those in their early twenties and that others are moving away from the game. Many of you may well have heard that clubs outside the DCCL are having similar struggles. The view of the Management Committee was that we couldn't simply sit back and say "well other leagues are having similar problems so let's just batten down the hatches and hope things improve". The Management Committee believe that some radical changes are required to try and alleviate the current trends whilst at the same time endeavouring to preserve the future of cricket in our geographic area.

The Management Committee has taken soundings from some senior players in the League and as you are aware a survey was sent by Ian Halford via the League's Twitter feed which we are pleased to say was completed by over 200 people. Taking into consideration the results of the survey and other representations to the Management Committee we are proposing a number of changes for the 2017 season. As a committee we are imposing a small number of changes but the majority of changes we wish clubs to consider and vote upon before coming, with a mandate, to an EGM which will be held on 15th December 2016. The meeting will be an EGM as some of the changes relate to section one rules although some other changes outside of section one are also being considered at that meeting.

In order for these proposals to be discussed by players the Management Committee require all clubs to convene a Players Meeting between Monday 10th October 2016 and Friday 2nd December 2016  when the proposals can be discussed and voted upon. Clubs are also required to advise the League Secretary of the date of their meeting as a member of the Management Committee will attend each meeting and set out the reasoning behind the proposed changes. The Management member attending will answer any questions and will then leave to allow clubs to vote on the proposals. We are insistent that clubs convene a Players Meeting as the proposals relate very much to the playing of cricket rather than administrative issues.

The attached document will act as an Agenda for the EGM and this should act as the Agenda for your Players Meeting.

Briefly the proposals are in response to the following points of reference:

1) Fines do not work - we are therefore proposing points deductions for concessions and playing teams short of the full compliment of eleven players.

2) Players find matches are too long or are not being involved enough in a game - we are looking at earlier start times, reducing the number of overs in second eleven matches, the abolition of the formal tea interval and the introduction of restricting the number of overs a bowler can bowl in first eleven matches.

3) There are not enough competitive matches - we are looking at bringing in a six division structure for the start of the 2018 season.This will allow clubs with a diversity in playing strength to have competitive matches. This change will also reduce the season by one Saturday thus allowing the first round of the cup competitions to be played on a Saturday. The six divisions will be 1st XI Division 1 - 8 clubs, Division 2 - 8 clubs and Division 3 – 7 clubs. Divisions 4, 5 and 6 will be for second eleven cricket.  

4) The survey indicated over 80% of those who responded wanted a 20/20 competition - we are proposing a voluntary 20/20 competition to be played on a Thursday eveningusing a pink ball.

5) The Management Committee feels that the in the changing climate we find ourselves in that we need to amend the rule 2 (a) to allow the Management Committee greater flexibility when considering applications to join the League   

The preservation of grass roots cricket in our area is of vital importance and as a committee we feel this is the time to act in the hope that current trends are reversed and the game can prosper at all levels. 

I would urge all clubs to take these proposals under serious consideration and please can you advise the League Secretary of the date of your Players Meeting as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Karl Williams

Chairman DCCL